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International award winning screenwriter and director Stephen Savage interviews industry professionals in Film, Television, Music and more.

February 16th, 2021    

The Stephen Savage Show, Janna Bossier

On this episode, Savage interviews actress Janna Bossier about her new Amazon Prime series, "The Hunter's Anthology", her entertainment industry trials by fire in New York and Hollywood, her voiceover and video game image capture work, and what it's like to have your image on popular romance novel covers around the world.  

February 7th, 2021    

The Stephen Savage Show, Bronwyn Ison

On this episode of The Stephen Savage Show, Savage welcomes journalist, On Air television and internet personality, Yoginini, and health and wellness influencer, Bronwyn Ison. Ms. Ison talks about her rollercoaster climb from rock bottom to prominence, her friendship with MTV and NBC's Carson Daly and her mentorship with Daly's mother, the late Pattie Caruso. She also details her early journalistic and television beginnings in Yuma Arizona and Palm Springs, California, her yoga teaching, and her activism for entrepreneurship worldwide. 

January 26th, 2021    

The Stephen Savage Show, Oscar Torre

On this episode, Savage takes a call from actor and director Oscar Torre who talks about how he landed the role of Vinny in the popular series "The Haves and the Have Nots", growing up in Miami, working with Tyler Perry, and starring in the first film to shoot in Los Angeles after Covid restrictions were lifted slightly for Hollywood production companies. 

January 19th, 2021    

The Stephen Savage Show, Nathalie Boyer

On this Episode, Savage takes a call from just outside Paris, France, to speak with actress Nathalie Boyer about acting and screenwriting, working on the Netflix series "Versailles", her role in the top French television crime drama series "Spiral",  and what it's like working with iconic actor Gerard Depardieu. Savage also dives into the fact that Nathalie has a Ph D in Business Law and tests out at an incredible 175 IQ. 

September 1st, 2020    

The Stephen Savage Show, Chuti Tiu

On this episode, Savage welcomes back to the podcast, actress and screenwriter Chuti Tiu ("Nashville", "How To Get Away With Murder", "The Internship") on her career in commercials, modeling, film and television, on the benefits of having immigrant parents, and on why soap operas are such a great training ground for actors. She also gets into the ins and outs of navigating pilot season, and how things have changed for actors in this new frontier of streaming networks and so much production being done outside of California.  

July 23rd, 2020    

The Stephen Savage Show, Duane Whitaker

On this episode, Savage takes a call from actor, director, writer, Duane Whitaker to talk about Duane's life and  prolific career, working with some of his favorite directors including Rob Zombie and Quentin Tarantino, and his iconic role as Maynard in Tarantino's classes film, "Pulp Fiction". 

July 17th, 2020    

The Stephen Savage Show, Jean Coulter

With AMPAS and the Oscars© discussing a new awards category honoring stunt performers, Savage makes a call to legendary pioneering stunt performer Jean Coulter. Jean talks about her illustrious career performing stunts in such epic films and television series as The Blues Brothers, Airport '77, Charlie's Angeles, Cujo, Better Off Dead, Wonderwoman, and many many more. She also talks about her Jaws 2 action figure and how, pre #MeToo, she dealt with sexual harassment in Hollywood. 

July 13th, 2020    

The Stephen Savage Show, Pamela Bowen

On this episode, Savage takes a call from the great state of Texas and speaks with actress Pamela Bowen about her career as both a film and television actor, her appearances on such iconic shows as Cheers, Everybody Loves Raymond, Justified, and others, and what it was like working with the great Robert Altman in the iconic film, The Player. Pamela also talks about her marriage to rock star Paul Stanley of Kiss, and her son, Evan Stanley's burgeoning music career.  

June 26th, 2020    

The Stephen Savage Show, Juan Ruiz Anchia

On this episode, Savage sits down in studio with famed Hollywood cinematographer Juan Ruiz Anchia about Juan's work on such epic films as "GlenGarry, Glen Ross", "At Close Range", and HBO's "Phil Spector", working closely with David Mamet,  shooting music videos with Madonna, and the role of DP on set creating a great movie. 

June 26th, 2020    

The Stephen Savage Show, Cindy Mitchum Azbill

On this part one of the Children of Legends interviews, Savage chats with Cindy Mitchum Azbill about growing up with her dad, the great character actor John Mitchum (Dirty Harry, Paint Your Wagon, The Outlaw Josey Wells) and her uncle, Iconic Hollywood Superstar Robert Mitchum. Cindy discusses her dad's career, his poetry, and the recording project she is working on featuring the voices of some of Hollywood's biggest stars reading John's poetry. She and Savage also discuss the lack of real heroes in movies and television today, and their mutual friend, the late Herb Jeffries.   

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